Sitemap - 2024 - Venture in Security

Most security startups are tackling problems that are too small for the VC model (but there are other ways to build companies, too)

Immigrant background is a perfect crucible that forged many successful cybersecurity founders

Announcing Inside the Network Podcast

The dark side of the moon: demystifying cybersecurity business management for CISOs and security practitioners

In 2024, finding cybersecurity startup ideas worth pursuing is harder than many people think

Building platforms in cybersecurity: select playbooks for growing “best of suite” solutions

Customer love: a recipe for building winning cybersecurity startups

Medici Effect is real: Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv are still the best places to build a security company

The business of protecting individuals: realities of consumer-focused security, why we cannot expect that people will buy security tools, and what we need to do instead

Three types of consolidation in cybersecurity, and how monopolization and commoditization are shaping the industry of tomorrow

How the top cybersecurity talent can immigrate to the United States

Securing critical infrastructure in the US is not a policy problem, it’s a market problem

Startups that target mature security enterprises should be especially careful about their fundraising strategy

Finding co-founders to build a cybersecurity startup: notes for aspiring security entrepreneurs

Trust no one: why we can't trust most stats about the cybersecurity industry, and why must stop creating numbers out of thin air

Mental models for cybersecurity startup founders and why Microsoft cannot easily force nimble early-stage companies out of business

Caveat emptor: product-led growth in cybersecurity can be a great idea, but it can also hurt or even kill security startups

Hero culture in cybersecurity: origins, impact, and why we need to break the toxic cycle

Why we need more startups and venture capital in cybersecurity, and what needs to change for the industry to mature

My new book “Cyber for Builders" is now available on Amazon

It’s complicated: wrapping up a year of excitement with AI in security and security for AI