Cyber for Builders: The Essential Guide to Building a Cybersecurity Startup

“Cyber for Builders: The Essential Guide to Building a Cybersecurity Startup” is now available on Amazon.

Most cybersecurity books are written for hackers, security leaders and practitioners, and a general audience. This book is different as it is intended first and foremost for builders - startup founders, security engineers, marketing and sales teams, product managers, VCs, angel investors, software developers, investor relations and analyst relations professionals, and others who are building the future of cybersecurity.

Featuring forewords by Caleb Sima and Jeremiah Grossman, and contributions by 50+ cybersecurity entrepreneurs, operators, thought leaders, and investors, "Cyber for Builders" is the most comprehensive guide for security entrepreneurs.  

While almost anyone who is interested in better understanding of the mechanics that shape the security space and the nuances of building a cybersecurity company can learn something new by reading this book, I hope that it will be especially useful to those tinkering with new ideas and considering building a security company, early-stage founders, employees of cybersecurity startups, and investors.

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Featuring insightful contributions from 50+ cybersecurity entrepreneurs, operators, thought leaders, and investors

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Book structure

The book is split into six parts.

  • Part one covers the foundations of cybersecurity as an industry.

  • Part two provides an overview of the several important players that shape current-day cybersecurity - investors (angel investors, angel networks, angel syndicates, VCs, and corporate VCs), influencers (analyst firms, regulators, and insurance companies), distributors (channel partners), and acquirers (product and service companies from within and outside of the industry).

  • Part three discusses several trends defining the future of cybersecurity.

  • Part four offers a selection of mental models and notes to help early-stage cybersecurity founders get their ideas off the ground.

  • Part five provides a look into factors that often kill cybersecurity startups.

  • The last part calls for founders to break playbooks when building their companies. 

Praise for “Cyber for Builders”

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“This book stands out by focusing on the intersection of technology, business, and market dynamics within the cybersecurity ecosystem. It covers critical topics, such as understanding investors, building winning teams, and designing effective go-to-market strategies. What sets it apart is its emphasis on thinking outside the box and challenging conventional playbooks. Ross highlights the need for adaptability and creative problem-solving to build the companies that the world needs today.

Whether you're an aspiring founder, security engineer, product manager, or investor, this book is an essential resource to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity. Ross's practical advice and real-world examples empower readers to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change in this ever-evolving field.”

- Caleb Sima, a renowned cybersecurity expert and a pioneer in application security

“Cyber for Builders" offers an essential roadmap for navigating the cybersecurity vendor landscape (and all the parts that comprise it), resonating with my own successes and failures in building a company in this field. It's a must-read for any first-time security founder or VC.”

- Jonathan Haas, Co-Founder and CEO at ThreatKey

"One of the first comprehensive, top to bottom, views of the cybersecurity market from an operator's perspective. If you are building in cyber and have a question - this is a great place to start. 10/10 would recommend." 

- James Green, General Partner at CRV

"Cyber for Builders" is an indispensable guide for security practitioners looking to embrace an entrepreneurial journey. The book blends strategic insights about the industry with practical wisdom about building cybersecurity startups. Any aspiring or early-stage founder in the security space should read this book." 

-  Ravi Ithal, Co-Founder and CTO at Normalyze, previously Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Netskope

"Ross is one of the most prolific and thoughtful voices on the business of cybersecurity today. Product folk, founders, and aspiring builders take note: this quick-hitting book is a valuable primer for anyone seeking to understand the complex dynamics at play in cybersecurity company building. Read before building." 

- Allison Averill, Vice President at Unusual Ventures

"Ross Heleliuk's "Cyber for Builders" is a groundbreaking resource that seamlessly weaves together the worlds of cyber innovation and go-to-market strategy. With a blend of practical insights and entrepreneurial wisdom, Ross guides aspiring professionals in navigating the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, providing a roadmap for success in both innovation and market penetration. A must-read for those seeking to master the intricacies of bringing cybersecurity solutions to market." 

- Moty Jacob, Co-Founder and CEO at SURF Security

“Ross has a deeply unique perspective on the cybersecurity industry as a startup product leader, investor, and industry analyst. As an early-stage investor for 10 years, I find Ross’s insights thought-provoking and invaluable for those seeking to make change in our industry.” 

- Andrew Smyth, Partner at Atlantic Bridge

“The cybersecurity industry is a unique beast to navigate. Trends come as quickly as they go and acronyms appear out of thin air which makes building meaningful businesses a tough challenge. “Cyber for Builders” is packed to the brim with contributions from leading cybersecurity entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors but most importantly it uncovers hard-earned lessons for those who are brave enough to navigate the murky cybersecurity waters. Ross is the right person to shine a light on building products in the modern startup ecosystem.” 

- Jimmy Mesta, Co-Founder and CTO at KSOC

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