Looking at different types of attacks, why stacking tools on top of one another and using ChatGPT is not going to save us, and more
There is a lot of FUD, unnecessary hype, and other questionable marketing tactics in cybersecurity. I am here to argue that it doesn’t have to be this…
Explaining the angel syndicate model, how it works, how it is different from the VC model, and how it looks in the context of cybersecurity

February 2023

Looking at factors that make cyber insurance a unique area of risk and seeking ways in which insurance can help speed up the maturation of security
Looking at the gaps in today’s cybersecurity funding model and announcing Venture in Security Angel Syndicate - a cyber-focused angel syndicate to help…
A deep dive into investing in open source companies, characteristics of open source startups that can succeed in cybersecurity, metrics that can be used…
A deep dive into the work of Gula Tech Adventures, a unique player in the cybersecurity ecosystem
Simplifying the complex world of channel partners, looking at their evolving roles, as well as trends shaping the future of this market segment
Looking at the problem of distrust, factors that cause it, and the tragedy of the commons in cybersecurity

January 2023

Looking at the reasons why VCs would traditionally stay away from investing in services, as well as what’s changing, and why adding MSSPs to a venture…
Analyzing the accelerator and incubator business models, breaking down the challenges, and recommending viable alternatives
Looking at some of the most prominent reasons why there are thousands of cybersecurity vendors, and why saying “we don’t need 200+ products in the same…