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The best of Venture in Security 2023

Cyber for Builders: The Essential Guide to Building a Cybersecurity Startup

Four cybersecurity startup dilemmas and what they mean for security founders and the industry in general

Investment banking: concept, fundamentals, and the role in the cybersecurity ecosystem

Cybersecurity marketing: in need of fundamental change

Resources for cybersecurity entrepreneurs

Book recommendations for cybersecurity startup founders

To succeed, cybersecurity startups need to be triple fit

Raising capital and understanding paths to an exit: thoughts and mental models for cybersecurity startup founders

Business & distribution model design for cybersecurity founders and startup leaders

What cybersecurity entrepreneurs can learn from Alon Arvatz’s book about Israel and its role in the global security market

Cybersecurity talent shortage: not the lack of people, but the lack of the right people

Cloud Security: factors that make it a unique market

Follow the people: @stake, NetScreen, IBM, Israel Defense Forces and the US Armed Forces mafia networks in cybersecurity

The “great CISO resignation” isn’t what it looks like: a hype-free, data-driven, in-depth look at the evolution and challenges of security leaders

A shortage of cybersecurity founders building companies, not features or products

Making sense of the cybersecurity industry in seven charts

Security is about data: how different approaches are fighting for security data and what the cybersecurity data stack of the future is shaping up to look like

Enmeshment in cybersecurity: blurring boundaries between products and services

How the business of security can be at odds with the practice of security

We have already failed to secure AI by doing what we did before - repeating the mistakes of the past

The rise of cybersecurity certifications and why we should take an engineering approach to security education instead

Why Israel may become the winner in the global cybersecurity market, and what can make it fail

Building products securely is not a security problem, it’s a product management problem

Tools alone won't save us but if we have tools - why don't we at least use them?

Generalist VC firms in cybersecurity: advantages, disadvantages, and must-knows for founders, practitioners and industry insiders

Bringing software engineering principles, systems, and processes to cybersecurity

How hands-on security practitioners are defining the future of the industry

12 ways to fail a cybersecurity startup

Securing AI: state of the market at the beginning of Q3 2023

Solving the circle sticker problem in cybersecurity and moving to the Lego blocks approach

The government's role in shaping the future of cybersecurity

14 Venture in Security contributions to other media in 2023: special edition

Getting Europe to become an active player in the global cybersecurity market: challenges, opportunities, and the way forward

Challenges of building products in cybersecurity, useful metrics, and ways to focus on what matters

If we can’t produce enough security practitioners with an engineering mindset, let’s bring them from other countries

Understanding the RSA Conference iceberg: revealing the unknown truths and explaining the well-known concepts

The power of Check Point mafia, the impact of Foundstone, Juniper Networks & Cisco on the industry, and the origins of cyber ecosystems

On a hunt for successful cybersecurity startups and unicorn founders


The three dreams about the future of security that are not likely to come true anytime soon

Building practitioner-focused cybersecurity: nine principles for founders and product leaders

More musings on data gravity, platform play, and the growing role of data lakes and cloud providers in cybersecurity

The Upside Down: making sense of the business models, organizational structure, and the economy of the cybercrime

The importance of adopting a security-first mindset and why compliance is a bad substitute for security

Time to trust: what it is, why cybersecurity startups must shorten it to accelerate growth, and how to do it

Why building security products is hard and why skilled security practitioners are the only way to achieve an advantage over the adversary

Looking for ways to promote products and services that make cybersecurity a better place: five unique case studies

Fundamentals of angel investing via syndicates for cybersecurity founders and security professionals

Insurance industry: mechanics, challenges, and the role in accelerating the maturation of cybersecurity

Announcing angel syndicate to help cybersecurity practitioners shape the future of the industry

Venture in Security Angel Syndicate

Investing in open source cybersecurity products: a field guide for VCs and a useful source for founders

Moving the industry forward: Gula Tech Adventures and its model of a cybersecurity impact hub

Explaining the complex world of channel partners in cybersecurity and looking at their past, present, and future

The role of trust in cybersecurity, and how what is happening in the industry leads to the tragedy of the commons

A deep look at investing in cybersecurity services for VCs: why, why not, and how to

Top Posts

The tough business of incubating cyber innovation: a deep look at the cybersecurity-focused incubator and accelerator models

Building Cyber Collective

Why there are so many cybersecurity vendors, what it leads to and where do we go from here

Game of Thrones in cybersecurity: data gravity, industry consolidation, platform play, private equity, and the great cyber gold rush

The 360 degrees view of cyber: notes and reflections about the state of cybersecurity after the NightDragon's 2022 year in review event

Starting a Cybersecurity Consulting Business is Easy

The rise of security engineering and how it is changing the cybersecurity of tomorrow