Sitemap - 2022 - Venture in Security

Using no-code and low-code tools to validate cybersecurity product ideas and shorten time to market

Securing developing countries is not a charity, it's our responsibility

PLG is not a boolean: practical advice for cybersecurity startups looking to embrace product-led growth

Solving problems when nobody will admit they have one: practical advice for building products in cybersecurity

Angel investing in cybersecurity: the basics, investment math, and ways to get started

The Best of Venture in Security

Corporate venture capital and cybersecurity: why Okta, CrowdStrike, CyberArk and others invest in cybersecurity startups

Special Announcement: Launching the Building Cyber Collective

Not everything is about technology: 9 of the many sources of cybersecurity innovation

4 books every cybersecurity startup founder needs to read (and 15 more that can be helpful)

Gartner, Forrester and cybersecurity: a deep dive into the trends, challenges & the future of the notorious industry analyst firms

How security leaders can accelerate innovation in cybersecurity

Top 10 resources about the business of cybersecurity

Managed security service providers: present state, trends, and future outlook of the space

4 ways cybersecurity startups can boost adoption and shorten time to value

Investing in cybersecurity: a deep look at the challenges, opportunities, and tools for cyber-focused VCs

Open source in cybersecurity: a deep dive

To bring PLG to cybersecurity, let’s change our hiring habits

PLG is an oasis, not a mirage: making a case for product-led growth in cybersecurity

Why cybersecurity is not everybody’s job (and what we should do for it to become one)

Global cybersecurity startup ecosystem map: a founder’s guide

My imaginary VC investment portfolio: investing in product-led cybersecurity startups shaping evidence-based security

How cybersecurity vendors make us less secure

Future of cyber defense and move from promise-based to evidence-based security

Surviving and thriving as a “non-technical” professional in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity metaphors: from simplifying complexity to promoting bad decisions

First principles thinking and how the PLG approach can help solve the talent shortage in cybersecurity

19 plus one traction channel for growing a cybersecurity startup: a founder’s guide (part 3 of 3)

Shortening Time to Value for PLG cybersecurity startups: a founder’s guide

Cybersecurity performance in public markets & 2022 economic downturn

LimaCharlie Secures 5.45 Million in Seed Funding

19 plus one traction channels for growing a cybersecurity startup: a founder’s guide (part 2 of 3)

The future will be people-focused and product-led: an investment thesis

A founder’s guide to overcoming the VC-related information asymmetry between the entrepreneur and the investor

19 plus one traction channels for growing a cybersecurity startup: a founder’s guide (part 1 of 3)

H1 2022 cybersecurity product-led growth market map

Why security teams should start recruiting product managers

How tech startups are building an insecure world and where we can go from here

Cybersecurity is not about technology

Psychology of marketing and selling cybersecurity

Six lessons improv comedy taught me about product leadership (and one I needed to unlearn)

Cyber insurance: state of the space, trends & the emergence of fully-integrated cyber solutions

How British Columbia became an important part of the world’s cybersecurity ecosystem

Top corporate venture capital firms investing in cybersecurity

What qualities make product managers great at venture capital (and which don’t)

Evolution of cybersecurity and Security Infrastructure as a Service

Product-led growth in cybersecurity: past, present & future