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"The industry's largest database of cybersecurity companies by IT-Harvest counts 1,821 cybersecurity vendors in the United States. Of those, under 30 (less than 2%) are publicly listed on the US stock exchange. This makes it clear that the vast majority of cybersecurity companies won’t go public."

-> Did you count only US-origin companies or other companies that have been established somewhere else and do business in the US? Those other companies may be listed in different stock exchanges than the US and indeed are public.

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Great question! I looked at the "US-origin" cybersecurity companies listed on the US stock exchange. There 100% will be companies listed on London stock exchange etc. and those not founded in the US, but 1) that expands the market to 3300+ vendors globally, and 2) it's simply too hard to cover all of them. The numbers here are most definitely an approximation, although I'd say the one that is representative of the market reality. Not an exact science, for sure!

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In that case we can trust https://axcrypt.net/ . This is also a startup company and doing well among its competitiors in American and European countries.

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