Great stuff as always, Ross. While the work of the practitioner has become more complex, there is a need to make the lingua franca of security more accessible. In doing so security can elevate its role to its rightful position among business leaders who are often looking for a way to understand risks in simpler business terms.

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How do you see the role of the enterprise seller evolving in this paradigm? I would imagine they would play a greater role in helping a security engineer/practitioner package things up to sell internally to busy CISOs (and increasingly the case, CFOs). My company is shifting from top-down sales to PLG and I’m excited to see how it impacts me as an enterprise seller.

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Jul 25, 2023Liked by Ross Haleliuk

Ross, thank you very much for your valuable time to write and share deep, intelligent and cristal clear information.

I’m starting a journey in the cybersecurity industry in Mexico and your article perfectly describes todays CSO’s and CISO’s needs in order to face todays and future’s cybersecurity challenges.


Joseph Liberman

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