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I completely agree with Ross' opinion that cyber security challenges won't disappear anytime soon. However, I believe that striving for simplicity is indeed a way forward. While observability may be considered overrated, it is crucial to acknowledge that most runtime solutions can detect a significant portion of attacks, as highlighted by IBM and end users' statistics. Nonetheless, it is concerning that a considerable number of attacks go unnoticed. This situation is not acceptable.

Given the complexity of the cybersecurity landscape, it is tempting to hope for a future where the number of vendors decreases, new tools address difficult problems, and people prioritize security. While some of these changes may occur to some extent, they are often wishful thinking and may not have the desired impact in reality.

As much as it pains me to admit, with the ongoing digitization of society, increasing interconnectivity, and rapid technological advancements, security challenges will only intensify. It is essential for companies to veer away from seeking shortcuts, relying on magic tools, and hoping for the best. Instead, they should invest in the right personnel, systems, and processes to mature their security operations. Shifting from promise-based security to evidence-based security is crucial.

In this pursuit, it is worth heeding Dr. Deming's famous quote: "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." This serves as a reminder that companies must adapt and evolve their security practices to ensure their continued existence and safeguard against emerging threats.

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100%, my thoughts exactly! Simplicity and going back to the basics.

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