Ross, excellent as always.

As someone who has done hiring in the past, I prefer seeing 1-3 certifications for entry-level employees, 0-2 certifications for seniors.

For juniors, I'm assuming they have little-to-no experience, so the certification carries more weight. It's by no means determinative, but it works well as an initial screening criteria. I'm less looking for the knowledge (test dumps are a thing) and more looking for the initiative shown by going out and getting something. I forgive the "10+ certs" people here because I know how desperate it can be to find that first job.

For a senior, I care very little about certs as I expect to only discuss work experience, though I may take note of a particularly unusual one. 0 is a perfectly fine answer here. A "10+ certs" person here is a caution flag, as they frequently tend to be paper-chasers. Sadly, government hiring rewards this type of resume; it's a very checklist-based system.

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Aug 29, 2023Liked by Ross Haleliuk

Excellent article! I have friends in this field, so I shared it to LinkedIn.

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