Great piece Ross ! I share the same views. You should also add up the rise of private equity group or LBO fund that are looking for profitable businesses.

SVSB or I would say tech-savvy SMB can have nice - still sustainable - growth and access to other financing schemes.

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Thank you for this insightful article. I found the concept of the Silicon Valley Small Business (SVSB) particularly compelling. This hybrid model, which blends the scalability ambitions of Silicon Valley startups with the fiscal discipline and autonomy of small businesses, is a novel approach that could be applicable across various industries.

Additionally, the benefits of bootstrapping were clearly articulated, highlighting its role in providing a reality check and prioritizing customer needs over investor expectations.

I am also fascinated by the shift toward solutions that tackle specific problems, which seems to contradict the industry’s frustration with isolated point solutions in favor of more integrated systems.

Thank you for sharing these perspectives!

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